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When it comes to casual sex, there are many two (or sometimes more!) ways to find that special someone. Or, you can arrange it online. No matter the method, if you’re looking to find someone to have sex with, you’re not alone. The advent of Tinder and other mobile hookup apps has made casual sex more accessible than ever. One of the biggest online casual dating platforms is Coffee Meets Bagel, which is available on the web, iOS, and Android. You can use this free service to search for a one night stand with either men or women based on a first date profile. It’s intuitive and easy to use; you only fill out basic information about yourself and your hobbies and interests. Once you’ve chosen your desire and someone matches, you can get a better sense of their personality by reading their messages. Then, based on that, you can decide to chat and get to know each other. Maybe you can even arrange to get coffee or a drink together. Phone or text a random number and see where it takes you. Over the years, scientists have tried to understand what makes people happier than others and ways to test that happiness. Friendzone – A professor from a liberal arts college is in a bind. He has a crush on the TA, but since she is dating her ex-boyfriend, she has no interest in messing around with the professor (unless of course the professor is doing something to deserve her interest). The professor has found someone else he likes, but it’s complicated because they are in the same relationship. He begins to realize that he is already in the friendzone with this other girl. This is a story about a friendzone dilemma and how to get out. It was pretty lonely living alone by myself. I always enjoyed the company of others and dated casually for a few years. I had a very good time dating others and the relationships I had with women are my favorites. I was doing well in my career, but I was lonely and looking for a future with someone I could count on to spend the rest of my life with. I wanted to share my life with someone; a loving woman who wanted to make our lives a little happier. Finding love in my life may have seemed difficult, but nothing in life is impossible. A friend of mine introduced me to a woman named Jennifer. If you’ve heard of Cassavetes’ “Love Story”
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That’s the question that I get asked as much as “why are they on Grindr?” when I say I use the Casual Enthusiast app, a hook-up app for people who don’t normally want a longer-term relationship. Regardless, it’s no different to any other site. Casual Dating So what do you do if you want casual sex, but only want to date for an afternoon, or how can you actually take the pressure off having to have sex (hopefully never)? Sexbots are a reality, and they’re also here to stay. The future of sex… Read more Read more In the 1990s, while the population of the United States was still growing, the divorce rate shot up. This meant that more and more women were facing the prospect of being single and raising children, but without having been married. The death rates of men, however, declined. Has casual sex become the norm for women because they are under pressure to avoid the negative consequences of being single at a time when many are faced with impossible circumstances? Is casual sex becoming commonplace because so many women are feeling this pressure? Do women know that in order to avoid singlehood, which has the chance of contributing to unhappiness for them and their children, they should be open to the possibility of casual sex — because it’s no longer taboo? Or is it all just a fad? What exactly is a ‘casual relationship’? A casual relationship doesn’t always have to be about sex, and it certainly doesn’t mean that you’re having sex with people you aren’t in a relationship with. Depending on your sexual orientation, there are different definitions of casual dating as it applies to you. Over the last ten years or so, with more and more people getting laid off from work and chasing a dream job rather than the next salary increase, many have found themselves single at a time in their lives when the loneliness of long-term-ish relationships are a bit less of a big deal — because they’re still going to be around afterwards. Image: Fotolia Is casual sex immoral? Some people are quick to assume that casual sex is immoral simply because it’s not usually the way their parents raised them or the way their grandparents behaved. There is no indication that people’s intimate lives have changed much since the beginning of time. And even in recent history, people were engaging in sexual activities that we wouldn’t accept today. Those said activities usually had the long-


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