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Casual sex is actually the opposite of a dangerous sexual experience, especially in the context of online dating. The key to a safe and healthy sexual experience lies in two important concepts: practice makes perfect and using protection. Together, they ensure that you have a positive and fun sexual experience that you can look back on when it’s over and say, “I have happy and healthy sex memories!” Practice Makes Perfect Practice makes perfect. Studies show that, the more often a person has sex, the better their sex life gets at time of intercourse with their partner. Additionally, foreplay, particularly oral sex, works for and between partners, helping to set the stage for intimacy and pleasure. However, no experience is perfect for you until you practice the things you learn from it. What you get out of the experience will be based on how well you practice. Don’t miss out on what you are missing when you limit yourself to a short, hook up style of encounter. Use protection. The good news is you can enjoy sexual activity safely. You might feel like, “If I have sex every time I have a crappy day, I’ll be bored out of my mind.” But in actuality, you will be avoiding the risk of pregnancy, STDs, and in the worst case scenario, painful or fatal injuries. Your sexual health is a daily responsibility that can’t be avoided with casual sex; it has to happen because it’s something that needs to be practiced regularly. Take it slow with online dating Keep in mind the “practice makes perfect” concept and realize that even in the best of circumstances, your sexual experience is unlikely to end perfectly. Sure, you can work towards that with some time and dedication, but at the very least, you will probably end up improving your experience. Your activity log and responses may not have seemed especially appealing to someone you met online, but would you have said the same to a potential mate that met you on a job interview? In this scenario, of course the answer is no. Casual sex is a continuous learning process that is no less complicated than using an app. In fact, any kind of sex experience takes practice and effort. You have to observe the things that turn you on. You have to establish communication. It’s about being a responsible, informed and respectful sexual partner. Just like you would be with any relationship. The key is learning from and building on those experiences and mastering those processes.
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It’s not necessarily just about the sex, it’s that your current level of sex is not making you happy or fulfilled. So if casual sex is your default (I’m sure it is because you can get one) and you’re not very happy with your sex life, this is where you need to start. It’s ok to have love and then casual sex, you don’t have to categorize either one or the other and you don’t have to label the other as “worse”. In order to overcome casual sex, you need to realize that your current path isn’t conducive to your personal happiness. For some people, its meeting new people can be a barrier to getting to sex because sex only happens with someone you are attracted to. Casual sex is more likely to happen between two people who aren’t attracted to each other, and since thats the most likely scenario, they will be more likely to remain casual. High sex drive and casual sex Of course, not every person who’s casual about sex is a horny beast who’s constantly trying to avoid pregnancy and disease. In fact, there are people who just find sex fun and pleasant, and don’t need to seek it out just to “get theirs”. But when you find yourself daydreaming about getting laid and the smell of someone else’s hair reaches you off the pillow, or you see an ad at work with a picture of a hot person and the headline, “Hey gorgeous, would you like to have a good time?” and you’re itching to get into bed with that person, you’ve lost control of your own sex drive. To a person who isn’t used to casual sex, its kind of like a jolt to their system — and not in a good way. Casual sex then gets written off as a waste of a good opportunity. If you are high sex drive you can try to lower it by lowering your perception of what sexiness is, and watching less porn and telling yourself that there are worse things to get fired up for than a nice date. Sexual insecurity The good news is that that it doesn’t mean you’re just shallow. In reality, the reason many people claim that they just hate sex isn’t because they’re all about saving sex for the right person, it’s because they have their own insecurities about what sex they do or don’t want with their partners. So, instead of beating yourself up about it — and maybe even exploring the reason why that’s the case — you should instead get proactive with

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