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30.08.2018 10:45 Right, thanks. Used for SSDs, check this out: Not open-source, but has a reasonably good reputation. The latest model I got, the 950 Pro, has an open-source tuning utility from Samsung. So you can test your drive while overclocking it. A: I’ve had a similar problem and even though I had 16GB of RAM my system wouldn’t actually use it all; I’ve learnt a lot about caching and mem etc from your answer. The way to be best guess is to be using a disk cache (I use Windows 7 and it’s called Disk Cache, IIRC it’s a a partition on the system drive) for your data. Open the Control Panel and then go to the Disk Management and look at the partions of your harddisk. From there, right click on the partition for cache and right click on “Format” (unless it says it’s an operating system) and select “create” or “resize”. Then on the available partions, select “Allocated” and hit continue. I’d try doing the same, if the cache has not enough space, but resize to get rid of the problematic one if you cant resize it properly. Hope that helps. Membership Membership in CGFZ is free and simple. Membership is not automatically granted. All that is required for a membership to be granted is that the individual signing up has not opted-out of processing of their personal data. If you are unsure about your current membership status, or wish to sign-up for a membership, please contact the Membership Committee by emailing Membership Categories Associate Membership Associate membership entitles you to attend all our meetings and takes you on a full career and lifetime membership to the CGFZ. Associate members are offered early notification of CGFZ committee elections, thus enhancing their chance to be elected. Associate members receive copies of the regular production newsletter, and all Association’s publications. Associate members have access to the CGFZ Member Repository. Associate members are permitted to be a2fa7ad3d0

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