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Is casual sex bad for you? | All But here’s the thing: not everyone who uses dating apps is looking to engage in casual hookups. There are lots of people on there looking for a true committed relationship. So assuming everyone on a dating app is either looking for casual sex or the other way around is an odd way to approach the dating world. I wrote about a user who says she just wants to meet a girl for friendship and see where it goes. Another user agrees, saying he’s looking for a long-term relationship. Three times We share a common goal, to ensure safe sexual practices. As a result, there are plenty of opportunities to date that are simply NOT casual hookups. Many people use casual sex for college and even career purposes, having had the choice made for them by a lack of social support systems in their high schools. How to love yourself through casual sex But sometimes that doesn’t happen. It comes down to your own self-worth. I’ve met a lot of people who think using dating apps can be a way to get laid without having to leave the house or actually have a real relationship. If you’re using the app to shut off from your real life, then you’re only fooling yourself if you believe casual sex is an accomplishment. Sex without commitment Readers write… “It [casual sex] can be a way for people who don’t know how to be in a real relationship to feel that they have some connection. Because it’s not an exchange of money and clothes and maybe a house, it can bring a sense of accomplishment or validation. They feel they have some sense of control in their life, that they’ve managed something on their own.” —Neil One true myth The best part of casual sex is that it just means that you want to have sex with that person at that time. It’s not pressure. Instead, let the person who’s interested in casual sex know that that’s what you want. The idea that casual sex leads to hooked up is pretty out there. I believe that casual sex is not a fair comparison to the relationship where one person meets someone solely to get sex. But, one thing is for sure: we should still be talking about it. The hookup culture creates lies Hookup culture is mainly responsible for promoting lies and dishonesty in many relationships. The “all or nothing” culture is what makes us think that when someone just wants a meaningless relationship
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Brief episodes of casual sex can often go further than a purely romantic context. Which is why, in 2018, a study from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention examined the claims that casual sex is bad for your health. According to their research, casual sex had neither really good nor bad health implications, especially long-term — especially when it comes to STIs. One of the reasons for this is that most high-risk STD outbreaks happen long after the casual hookup (CDC). As more and more couples get tested, and have fewer partners, the number of new infections has, overall, actually decreased. But some forms of casual sex can be harmful to your health — for instance, one-night stands. That could be because the person you have sex with doesn’t protect themselves, and ends up with a sexually transmitted infection. Plus, casual sex can actually escalate to a more serious level. When you’re giving into your dirty, lusty needs with someone you don’t really know, you’re more likely to take greater risks — for example, if they just dumped someone else, they may be thinking less about becoming pregnant. Studies have also shown that having casual sex can actually affect a woman’s birth control’s effectiveness. So if a casual hookup is going to have more than an occasional impact on your health, and it’s going to be able to affect your birth control in negative ways, is it really worth it? He also spoke about how going slow might not be that easy for some people to achieve — after all, during sex, a lot of our brains are busy connecting emotionally with the person we’re having sex with, right? It’s hard to think about all the reasons why you shouldn’t be with someone — and that’s especially true when the person you want to be with isn’t actually there. Your body will change with sex and that can be a big deal. So just enjoying the smell and feeling of someone’s skin, or having the experience of discussing what you like and don’t like about a partner’s body, can help remind you of the other person in your bed. Hooking up can have an impact on the couple (and relationship) it’s happening in, too. Sex is often thought of as a relationship-building activity — after all, how are you supposed to know whether you like someone if you haven’t shared any intimate moments with them? But sex is really great for building and enhancing your relationship. It’s an activity that can be a huge bonding experience, and has

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