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If you don’t want to go the route of, or tinder, or whichever online dating app you may be using, the best bet is to go to a high-end sex club, where you will at least meet someone who is a well-rehearsed pick-up artist. Otherwise, the best strategy is to try to find the type of person you want before meeting them. Another dark spot in the sex map is the area between casual and committed relationships. On one end of the spectrum, casual sex is quite fun if done well, without assuming any long-term obligations. A second strategy could be to simply test the waters: “I’ve never hooked up before, so I’ll just say yes to some nice guys I meet and see if it feels right,” says Alwyn Grant, a sex therapist and author of Hooked: Understanding Modern Dating. She adds that this type of casual sex is more likely to evolve to a longer-term union, if your intention is one in the first place. But with relationships, be sure to be prepared to go into them with your eyes wide open. And then don’t pay too much attention to your first few dates. “It’s a cautionary tale,” Grant says. “For someone who is not comfortable saying, ‘I would like to be exclusive,’ a casual hookup has no compunction about saying, ‘OK, we’ll take it slow.’ If you want to participate in a short-term, meaningless union, that’s perfectly fine, says Hank Wilcox. Just be prepared to keep up the ruse for a bit. “You’ll have to create a persona that fits the person you’re looking to meet,” Wilcox says. It might be awkward when you first meet someone new — and even after a few dates, you’ll probably get nervous. Aside from the logistics of planning, the fun, and the unique sexual experience that casual sex provides, which has led to a pervading industry, the reasons for why some people pursue casual sex are just as varied as the outcomes. From a purely Darwinian standpoint, casual sex may seem like a free pass for having fun, but, in fact, it may be. Evolution theory suggests that when two mammals are not interested in a lasting relationship, as long as they’re sexually active in the proper
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You’ve heard the stories: “I felt like I was getting the guy out of pity,” “He seemed totally out of it,” “I was not in the mood, and I was treated like crap,” and so on. But is casual sex really for losers? Should you join the “adult club”? According to the dating app Tinder (also known as Tinder), not so much. There is no single definition of “casual sex.” Besides the obvious heterosexual and same sex versions of it, the term can describe a variety of scenarios, including being a little bit drunk and being with someone you aren’t really into, dating a person you don’t really know all that well, being drunk in a very scary neighbourhood, being in a bar without any intention of ever leaving or wanting to leave, or simply being in a bad situation where you don’t have many options. Relationship experts share some typical examples of casual sex that are harmful to your relationship, including: Being in a toxic relationship. You’re drunk and have no better option. Confused about how to communicate, but you don’t feel like you can stop. Sex without having talked about it, then feel very disconnected from your partner. Experiencing infidelity or STDs without asking for protection. If you’ve had casual sex (or even if you haven’t), you can probably think of a few casual sex stories of your own. In any case, having sex with no intention of building a committed relationship isn’t good for you. That doesn’t mean that, if you do choose to sleep with someone, that it’s bad. In fact, some studies suggest that feeling like you’re not in a committed relationship can be a source of stress for women. Others would suggest that having casual sex is actually better for the health of a relationship than staying in one, because you’re less inclined to stay in a toxic relationship and you’re more likely to try to be a respectful part of someone’s life. The various hazards of casual sex If you’re the one initiating casual sex in a committed relationship, there are, of course, risks to your own and your partner’s health. But there are many times that casual sex is completely justifiable and, for the most part, okay. If you’re starting to date someone, having sex on the first date is okay. However, if you’re sure that you have feelings for him or her and

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