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How Sex Has Changed Humanity To streamline which apps you check — and where — we’ve ranked them based on the types of casual sex and sexual activities they facilitate, the number of users and the potential for a hookup to go to a super-serious level, how easy it is to find compatible partners nearby and, of course, which ones you should use as your default spot to find a casual fling. From there, we’ve also noted the best apps based on if they make sure you can verify your age and location, using self-described swipes versus strictly verified matches, and whether they offer interesting filters to make sure that you only see people you’re on the fence about in order to make the latter half of your casual encounter less scary. Gone are the days of worrying if your potential partner has any STD or might turn out to be a serial cheater (on each other) because a majority of these apps will check for the latter — which can be a good thing, or a bad thing, depending on who’s the cheater. Not that most dating apps have the ability to do this, however, as very few users will actually verify their age, let alone provide proof of any criminal history. Whether it’s an app designed to facilitate swiping left or right, or one centered around taking in the views or having a group experience, there is (or at least was) a place for hookup-based apps in our sexually empowered and increasingly casual society. Maybe this time, your friends won’t scoff at your current bed status — or at least they might support it. They can tell you to pay off your student loans (because hey, you’re 23) or suggest you have an easier time spending $40 on a bottle of wine than dinner. However, before you dive in to weed through the offerings, make sure to understand what an app like this is designed to do, and if that’s what you’re looking for. The most popular and authentic hookup apps (currently) The BBC/Skokie Education/Getty Images These apps are actually more popular among women: Bumble’s claims to fame are its ability to get rid of the casual filler-clutter in a dating app, and its propensity for people to swipe right just because you’re cute without any additional questions asked. Bumble’s also been in the news for its staunchly pro-Trump CEO Whitney Wolfe Herd, and not only that, has been accused of making alterations to their app
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Casual dating apps, like Tinder, Happn or Match, are the preferred option among the 20 to 30-something demographic. It’s no surprise considering we’re so busy with our jobs and obligations that we’re looking for some validation and quick gratification. What seems like a quick win, is actually a need for more time together. What dating apps are like dating in today’s world “I have no idea what happened with John after that night at the party,” Gellar continued. “I just can’t even imagine what he feels about me now.” Well, one can assume it’s the same as me — a slightly pained look and the feeling of, “You’re an asshole.” Unfortunately, not everyone experiences casual sex with such power. Here’s the problem with casual sex: The primary attraction is the possibility of the sex itself, not what the person in bed has to say, does, or how they treat you over time. But, once you have a fling with someone, regardless of the results, it is less desirable to actually engage with them. Casual sex is a known low on the intimacy scale. Intimacy for me, at least, is more than just physical attraction. For instance, a couple of years ago, I was on a blind date where I was the only woman. Even though he was cute and funny, he was a total burnout — he said he was the only failure in his family, and he was just treading water trying to pay his bills. He never once asked me about myself, or made a real effort to bring me to life. He never said anything remotely interesting (even when he tried to joke around and be cute — it was completely insincere). Later on that night, he texted me to ask why I hadn’t invited him back for our second date. Should I sleep with him? The good news: There are a handful of apps specifically designed for hookups. As more and more sites like OkCupid and Tinder have usurped the wussy Tinder Myths and Misconceptions, there’s been a sharp increase in the popularity of these niche casual-sex apps. They’re the millennial answer to the dirty, archaic 20th-century neighborhood hookup, and in addition to being safer and more high-tech than our parents’ affair-go-round, they offer a level of transparency and accountability that we can�

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