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While casual sex might not be the healthiest option for everyone, sometimes the benefits of hooking up are too great to ignore. For example, anxiety and relationship troubles are common reasons that people avoid sex or keep hooking up, says Sophie, a mental health therapist in North Carolina. A hookup culture can keep you from getting in touch with your emotions, where the problem exists and how you feel about it, she says. Redefining relationships is difficult because “sex goes deep inside your body, and deeper inside your heart and your head, and you take those places with someone,” she explains. “That relationship — and you have to either deepen it, or end it.” If you choose to stay single, you will miss out on experiencing the entire spectrum of emotions that sex and love can elicit, which can further deepen your outlook on the world and the people around you. But while learning to love yourself will heal you of this or any other fixation, it will not stop you from making ill-informed decisions about your life. Do you want to try something new? Try something wild. Hookup apps can also work their magic by offering something no other app can — to some degree. You’re not doing it alone — and that means you have the potential to feel a little less self-conscious. Additionally, if you use a dating app, you may not need to look up your primary source of romance and need for intimacy in a second source. Online, you have the option to meet up with your same-sex date (and both of you can be cautious). Plus, there are often more choices in the Hookup app, and less awkwardness to consider. Where it gets tricky is figuring out what you actually want. “Do you want a one-night stand to fulfil the need for release, or just a casual drink?” asks sex-positive dating and relationship coach Pamela Munroe, a consultant on the site OKCupid. “Do you just want to find a partner who can meet you halfway in physical, emotional, spiritual, mental, and mental? The secret, guys. C’mon, admit it — no matter how lighthearted it might seem to you at the moment, you’re missing something. Do you have a friend who can accompany you? According to recent research, it’s easier than ever to get laid. Only 16% of Americans have turned down a first date invitation over the years, and 52% of

The rise of the casual hookup culture has a lot of critics. The experts even call it the “new hookup,” because sex without emotions or boundaries is, well, just “having sex.” Sexologist Irwin Reich states that “a walk with another person is a form of dating.” Not everyone welcomes this evolution and suggests a thumping drum of abstinence — a call that’s not necessarily based on age or a lack of sexual experience. Calls to remain celibate come in different flavors, ranging from more general and symbolic pleas, to those that speak to you specifically, and sometimes in the eloquent prose of a celebrity sexpert. Rihanna has been vocal about her virginity, reiterating her interest in a committed relationship. Calls to abstain from casual sex are much more varied. Maggie Call, author of Abstinence to Be Mine: Deciding to Stay Pure Until Marriage, writes: “A relationship is the perfect place to have sex. There is no place for casual sex in marriage.” To which she says, “Lots of people, including the sexually active, have opinions about abstaining from casual sex. Celibacy, chastity, and virginity make up the most common abstinence programs today. Chastity encourages abstinence with vows of sexual purity and by viewing sexual intercourse as a major sacrament. Celibacy has three forms: solitary (or self-imposed celibacy), same-sex celibacy, and spiritual/religious celibacy. The Judeo-Christian tradition is most clearly represented by female self-imposed or solitary abstaining. A few community or church celibates exist, but probably with only a few members. Virginity’s meaning is lost in the current technological sexual times. There is no longer a clear line between sex, abstinence, and virginity. These days, the thinking goes, sex can be casual and if you get pregnant, well, that’s life! True virginity is much more complicated than never having penetrative sex. Sexual purity is the glue of moralism that binds the formerly virgin. Thousands of people all over the world have abstained from intercourse. Spiritual purity is an issue about which we would go farther, but our society is not yet sophisticated enough to handle it. Sexual purity is not about shame, scruples, or concepts of faith, but about individual identity, psychological, moral, and spiritual development. True purity is about a clear-thinking, decision, and a pure, self-controlled life. Virginity is a symbol of

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