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On the other hand, sex may be sexy, but it is also physically and emotionally taxing. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 36.6 percent of people between 20 and 24 in the United States have contracted a sexually transmitted disease in the last year, according to the CDC. Meanwhile, 10 percent of people in that age group have contracted a sexually transmitted disease in their lifetime, though the lifetime rate has been decreasing since 2008. While there are plenty of STDs you can get from casual sex, the most common are chlamydia and gonorrhea, which you can get without meeting the person before hand. Both can be easily treated with antibiotics and largely do not have any other long-term consequences. Keep in mind that these numbers only represent what the government reports in an annual sex survey, not what the actual number of people report having sex. According to the CDC, the high counts are likely inflated by that reported number. People may also be less likely to report having sex when they’ve been sober or when they’ve had a headache during the day. How do I know if I’m having good sex? So what can you do if you suspect something’s up? Although condoms can offer some peace of mind, it’s far from a foolproof way of avoiding STD transmission. Casual sex can still be dirty if you aren’t cautious about how and where you conduct it. But that being said, there are some things you can do to make sure that you’re having a healthy sexual experience. First of all, you should wash your hands thoroughly for at least 30 seconds before and after sex, while being careful not to touch your mouth, nose, or eyes, according to the Mayo Clinic. The St. Charles Health Center recommends that you also use alcohol-based lubricants and avoid pulling out. Remember: Good sex has more to do with the mind than it does with your penis. When is casual sex considered cheating? Just how do you know when casual sex has gotten out of hand? If you don’t know that it has, it’s probably okay to just stick to just talking dirty or talking about something exciting. But what about your partner’s preferences? If you know that one of you wants casual sex and the other doesn’t, it’s best to make it clear what you’re looking for. Otherwise you might be getting into something that isn’t in line with your expectations — or making assumptions about your partner’s desires. If you and your partner are in a committed, casual sex relationship
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Is casual sex safe? Is it good for you? Sure, a condom is one of those effective disease-prevention tools that women also hate using, and we’re all kind of grossed out by the right amount of lubricant. But how about the casual nature of the sex itself? Or all those weird side effects? Casual sex isn’t always dangerous — and hey, it does have its perks. Culture. Many people turn to hookups because the barrier of interaction is lower than with sex partners who know each other well. “The scenario is this: You’re around someone who might be attractive. They’re relatively easy to talk to and you have nothing else going on. You have the opportunity to have sex with someone you might not have otherwise met,” says University of Virginia psychologist Dan Howell, who wrote about the research in his book How Casual Sex Is Good for Your Health. “If you go into a social situation with the expectation that everyone you interact with is interested in sex, you’re likely to find yourself in a situation where you have to make sure that people are interested. But when you go into a situation thinking it’s a casual hookup, you can go into the interaction more naturally. You don’t have that concern.” Cost. Casual sex is cheap, and it often results in multiple partners. A new study out of the University of Pennsylvania found that the median person spends about $1,617 a year on hookups. Compare that to the $26,753 a year someone would spend on an average relationship — not to mention the emotional toll of dealing with feelings of insecurity and potential jealousy. Communication. Like a good relationship, casual sex comes down to verbal communication. “When the conversation is easy and the person is receptive to your ideas, there are fewer constraints,” says Howell. “There’s fewer ground rules you have to follow.” Sex. Sex during hookups can feel a lot better than dating sex — maybe because of the condoms. “It’s safe,” says Sam. She lives in New York and works at a midtown bar. “The barrier between sex and health is gone. I like that — the condoms are separate from the presentation of myself — it’s transparent in some way that I’m safe.” You can still get the butterflies, too. “The intensity of the arousal and the moment of climax are much higher for a hookup,” says study author Helen Fisher, an anthropologist and evolutionary biologist at Rutgers University who co-wrote The Girls of Tinder:


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